Sunday, June 24, 2012

Visitors on the Dakla, Chapter III, part 1

Jepson's Trading Post, south of Azrou on the Dakla River, the native village daily life continues.

 Meanwhile on the porch of Jepson's Hideaway messages are passed between a young man and a suppossedly South American hunter and his wife.
"You. Boy! Begone and about your business."
"Yes, boss."

Distant drums are heard, instantly alarming the residents and armed men appear with guns pointed toward to pass to the east.
At the new steam ship, tied up at the trading post, work continues loading wood for the steam engine.
"Well, my dear it looks like our suspicions about this post were true, there are too many armed men here."

 A native in red fez runs up to Jepson from the pass. 

"Bwana, Kanga is in the pass bringing ivory and slaves."
"George, have the men stand down and report to the warehouse to pack the ivory for shipping.  Then come right back while I find out who these men are."

"Gentlemen, welcome to Jepson's trading post, if there is anything I can help you with please let me know."
"Sir, I am Major von Drake with orders for you from a friend in Potsdam."
"Major I am Jepson and this is Captain Bloch, he will show you where to camp.  Once things settle down here and there are not so many ears."
"We are at your service until we discuss our orders and begin.  However, we will require transportation and would familiarize ourselves with the horses as soon as we can."

"I know you are Uhlans' but I think you will find that your 'horses' travel on water faster that on land."
"Water horses? Hippopotamus?"
"No, turnaround and view our little steamer, 75 horses power and will travel 14 knots an hour up river.
We will have it fitted out with whatever you need to follow your orders."

"Well, gentlemen, I must see to Kwanga and my ivory and slaves."
"Sir, not many slaves this time the arabs will not be pleased."
"George have Nka wa get his men ready to go and find us some more... saleable items."

Next time orders revealed and a flash back.

Notes: Buildings are from Miniature Building Authority, steamers are by Richard Houston, miniatures are mostly Wargames Foundry, Old Glory (I think), maybe some Blue Moon and others.