Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Hinterland sends more troops

Hinterlands latest as well as some older casts are in the process of obtaining their uniforms and weapons.  Soon to arrive in Mafrica for their campaigning are three Hussar Regiments. Two of two troops of 6 plus a squadron (3 figs) of command.  Two of these are mounted, lancers and rifles, and one dismounted of two troops of five, two command figs (Officer and standard) and one representative horse holder (made from a Hinterland zombie but painted like a live person, with maybe another horseholder later).
Coming soon after will be at least two infantry regiments of 24 troops plus 4 command.  Already uniformed and armed is a Regiment of Jaegers (Brigade Games' female Zouaves) and a Naval Brigade of 11 with 3 command.
Over Christmas I am planning two scenarios for Mafrica, hoping I can get some troops painted to use beyond the Jaegers and Navy.  Although the natives have long been painted and are ready to deploy.  Of course, I will be using Sword and the Flame.
I am hoping Santa will bring some new buildings as well as a new Regiment of infantry, we'll see soon enough.