Saturday, January 23, 2016

Update to the campaign

It is now two years later, August 1878, much has happened in the intervening years.  A capitol has been established, buildings constructed with loads more to come.  Troops have been recruited (mostly Hinterland and Brigade Games) as well as civilians (Wargames Foundry, Knuckleduster, Dixon, and many others) to settle the land.  The troops have spent time learning the drill for cavalry, infantry, and artillery.  So instead of just a couple of units to field there are now eight infantry units, four cavalry, and two field batteries.  Soon units will be designated with regimental flags and commanders, I am utilizing SYW Prussian army flags (not necessarily correctly).
Two small posts have been constructed: one to protect the Danish miners upriver, and another to protect the telegraph line and early warning about 50 miles west from the capitol. 
The capitol city has had a long term mental think about design, construction materials, using Knuckleduster's "Cowtown Creator".   Great stuff here, tons of detail forms to help me create the town, most everything I need.  This will be like a western frontier town with the addition of colonial enemies of all sorts.
A special unit (Jaeger police??) has been authorized to maintain the peace (police) as well as secure the forests and wild animals for conservation purposes. Figures are mostly Northstar and Empress so there are both foot and mounted, hopefully soon they will be clothed and trained ready for action. 
More to follow with photos as soon as the remaining four buildings that are constructed are painted (soon as the snow melts and it gets warm enough for the initial spray coat).