Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Chapter 1, Part One: The Adventure Begins

"Well, Captain Hardy I hope your 'Photographs' will inform London of the Chancellor's intentions." 
"I am just about finished developing the plates, come here and look."
"Is that our friend (Prussian) General Von Klink with the right flank?" [Top Photo]

"Look, there he is again with that Lancer Regiment and that is not in his Brigade"

"Yes, and he is giving orders to that Brigade Commander."

"Yes, Major we were correct, the Chancellor is planning to send him to Mafrica with his Regiment.  I wonder if we might, shall we say descend upon the Chancellor, and determine what they have in mind?"
"We cannot be too far from there, the entire general staff of the Mafrica Division moved as one on the field."
"Yes, away from the main general staff and is that not interesting."
"Oh, Hardy we almost missed this, this squadron here [Bottom Photo] is vastly unstrength, I wonder if some of it's members have not already been deployed to Dakkla?"
"I wonder if the Danes should know about this."
"Well they know by now that the Berlin Congress [1873] has acquiesed to Bismarck's demands that Prussia take over the Danish concession, except for Kaffia.  I believe that the Danes and French are in for some nasty Prussian surprises".
"Captain Hardy, these chemicals you are using really smell awful."  Well then Major Burton it is a good thing that we rented this cabin for the month."

Part 2 in late november

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Tradition Figures

I received the German High Command figures from Tradition of London.  I expected them to be very old style, but was very pleasantly surprised that they were better than that.  It is really too bad they are 30mm rather than 28, but since they will mostly be used by themselves it won't make that much difference.  I just ordered a bunch more command and other useful figures from the period 1870-1914.  When painted these should really be colorful figures considering all the khaki and German colors.  Not everyone will be in khaki as I would like things to be somewhat more colorful.  That includes my Danish "Red Watch" in their distinctive Royal Stewart Kilts, awarded the kilts 25 years ago by Col. (The) Stewart of the Black Watch the Danes having come to their rescue while surrounded in the Jidda Hills.  The Colonel of the Red Watch is typically a Stewart, field commanded by a Danish Royal Family member.  The Danes will figure in the campaign quite a bit, as will the British and possibly the French, maybe even the Austrians and a few other surprises.

Saturday, October 8, 2011


I have thousands of Colonial figures and have gamed historical battles as well as imaginery.  It has been fifty years since I gamed on Mafrica, based on Jack Scruby's Tabletop Talk campaigns.  I thought it was about time to begin again.  I got my latest map of Mafrica from Historifigs years ago and recently found it again. After reading Bill Protz'sCampaigns of General William Augusta Pettygree blog it was time to start.  Although I have nearly 1000 British figures I wanted to start other than where Bill is so I decided that the would be a Congress of Berlin in 1873 to divide up Mafrica following Germany's war successes against the Danes, Austrians and French, to be brief - Germany get the former Danish concession except for a small area on the north-west coast.  The first scenes will take place as soon as I receive the Tradition of London figures I ordered that will make up the war council of Otto Von Bismarck. More background information will appear soon as I work it out.