Saturday, October 8, 2011


I have thousands of Colonial figures and have gamed historical battles as well as imaginery.  It has been fifty years since I gamed on Mafrica, based on Jack Scruby's Tabletop Talk campaigns.  I thought it was about time to begin again.  I got my latest map of Mafrica from Historifigs years ago and recently found it again. After reading Bill Protz'sCampaigns of General William Augusta Pettygree blog it was time to start.  Although I have nearly 1000 British figures I wanted to start other than where Bill is so I decided that the would be a Congress of Berlin in 1873 to divide up Mafrica following Germany's war successes against the Danes, Austrians and French, to be brief - Germany get the former Danish concession except for a small area on the north-west coast.  The first scenes will take place as soon as I receive the Tradition of London figures I ordered that will make up the war council of Otto Von Bismarck. More background information will appear soon as I work it out.

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