Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Hinterland sends more troops

Hinterlands latest as well as some older casts are in the process of obtaining their uniforms and weapons.  Soon to arrive in Mafrica for their campaigning are three Hussar Regiments. Two of two troops of 6 plus a squadron (3 figs) of command.  Two of these are mounted, lancers and rifles, and one dismounted of two troops of five, two command figs (Officer and standard) and one representative horse holder (made from a Hinterland zombie but painted like a live person, with maybe another horseholder later).
Coming soon after will be at least two infantry regiments of 24 troops plus 4 command.  Already uniformed and armed is a Regiment of Jaegers (Brigade Games' female Zouaves) and a Naval Brigade of 11 with 3 command.
Over Christmas I am planning two scenarios for Mafrica, hoping I can get some troops painted to use beyond the Jaegers and Navy.  Although the natives have long been painted and are ready to deploy.  Of course, I will be using Sword and the Flame.
I am hoping Santa will bring some new buildings as well as a new Regiment of infantry, we'll see soon enough.

Monday, September 17, 2012

The Flashback

"Well, von Drake you have had a taste of Mafrican warfare and it has not come out to your satisfaction. How does this affect your orders?"

"Herr Jepson, actually not very much.  You know they were give to me by the Kaiser himself. It happen thus after the summer manuevers:
I was approached by a General of infantry I did not know, who instructed me to attend the Kaiser.

"There I was greeted by Bismarck, who introduced me to the Kaiser."

“At ease Gentlemen, I am ready to listen to your plans for ‘Our’ portion of Mafrica. You may begin Bismarck.”
“ Sire, as we all know the Berlin Congress of 1873 gave Mitteland a portion of Western Mafrica. As I was about to explain to everyone, you have decided to give the area of Senegal to Kronprinzessin Viktoria und Cecille to administer as they see fit. Apparently they have formed some infantry and hussar units to protect their fiefdom.”
“Enough of that Bismarck, we made them a promise that we will keep.”
“Yes, sire. To continue, although the Jutland government will transfer their territory officially in six months, there are pockets of Jutlanders who will refuse to leave. We want these people gone before our troops arrive. “
"Your basic orders, von Drake, are to see that the Jutlanders leave our new possessions. Come Bismarck we have much to discuss."

"Bismarck and the Kaiser left me with three generals and a Duke."

“Major, we have an assignment for you. You will command an expedition of officers and other ranks as well as natives you find qualified to carryout your orders. Your immediate superior is Otto Jepson, our unofficial and incognito man on the spot. He is not to be revealed to the Jutlanders as our man. You will have autonomy in actions, which are to make the Jutlanders who want to stay-- leave and retire to Jutland or to their territory north of the Semar River in the Kaffia. You will keep out of Senegal and west of the Dakla/Semar Rivers.”
“And if they refuse to leave our territory, sir?”
“You are authorized to use any means necessary. Your written orders will explain your limitations. Any other questions?”
“No, General.”

 "I was then left with Klink and a staff officer who arrived with my formal orders."
“You have picked your team of Officers and Other Ranks?”
“Yes, General Klink. Here is the list.”
“Ah, yes this looks very good, except for Karl Peters, we have other plans for him. You will need several Warrant Officers to train your native troops unless you can find some with training from other European countries. You and your men will depart from Bremerhaven within the fortnight, on the SS Prinze Oldenburg. You may open your sealed orders once you enter the Bay of Biscay."

"The staff officer left and the Prince of Bavaria arrived."
"Your Highness”
“Major, I have been asked to hand these further orders to you, not to be opened until you are in the company of Jepson and not to be over heard. The contents are extremely sensitive with regard to current conditions here in Europa, so keep them on your person at all times, do not let them out of your sight.”
“Yes, your highness I quite understand and will comply with my life.”
“You had better, von Drake and we want another list from you by morning of a further 20 individuals you have confidence in, who will form the cadre of your new unit and who can comply with orders to undertake any mission no matter how distasteful to a gentleman. Is that understood?”
“Yes, Herr General!”
“Good, these others will arrive within a month of you.  You will report to me at Dongala within a week of our arrival, we may have additional orders and men for your unit at that time.”

"So von Drake if they kept to their timetable General Klink will be landing with the majority of our troops by the end of next week.  What will you tell him, that you have lost two dead and five wounded of your men with no favorable results?"

"Actually, Jepson, yes, I will and tell him that the Jutlanders resistence was stronger then they thought and it will take more men, properly trained not natives to shift them off their land.  And, by my orders that is exactly what I am to do, I will no longer report directly to you but through you to the General."

"Let me see the orders....So you need a hidden valley to train your men and whatever natives we can find to fight for you.  I think I might have one in mind that will suit you perfectly, the locals think it has bad juju and stay away."

"That sounds perfect, when can we go there?"

"Tomorrow too soon? It will take two days by steamer and a couple of hours through the jungle to get there."

The figures here are all 30mm Tradition General staff from about 1910, 35 years too late but they work for me.  They are based on one inch fender washers with oriental carpet cut to fit then their metal base was just barely painted to give the impression of carpet.

Next time, hopefully by early October, the adventure continues with the Pricesses while von Drake and his cutthroats begin training.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Visitors on the Dakla, part 2

Well von Draken your orders are simple, you will take two companies of Ruga Ruga and some of my best men to Nyebye, the Jutlanders new town.  Give them a chance to retire but get that mine so we can pursue our orders with as many natives as we need to get rid of the Jutlander settlers and eventually the Militar-madchen down river.  You will use my steam to help transport the men down river rather than march overland as they will hear the native drums before you ever get near.
After landing and camping overnight the Mittellanders and Ruga Ruga move towards their destination.  A Nyebye scout breathlessly runs into town.
Bwana! Bwana! Ruga Ruga coming!  Many Ruga Ruga.

 Beat the drums, everyone must know and prepare.
Quick get the women and children to the Askari village and into the forest!

Askari families and cattle are driven off into the jungle.

The first group of Jepson's Ruga Ruga arrive on the outskirts of Nyebye.

Von Drake advances into town under a flag of truce telling the Miners to leave now and they will be left alone. Stay and there will be no holding the Ruga Ruga back from their depredations.

We will stay and fight and never leave the mines to you and your ruffins.

The first Ruga Ruga company attacks led by Jepson's European mercenaries.

A small flanking movement moves forward on their right. While the second company moves forward led by the Mittellanders.

The first Ruga Ruga company has stalled in the advance and the second company moves forward adding to their morale and they all move forward.  Above a mercenary kills the local mullah and moments later falls to his death attempting to jump to the next roof.
 Meanwhile the attack on ruins by the flanking movement after cleaning the ruins has stalled and been pushed back with many casualties.  Several Askari are killed but with the help of a couple of miners drive off the Ruga.

 The advance up the main street continues until finally within throwing range of the dynamite sticks the miners had reeking havoc with the Ruga and stalling the attack.  Miners have taken casualties as well as at least a dozen of the Ruga and mercenaries.  The Ruga regain their morale and charge the blockading wagons killing most of the defenders and forcing them back

Moving past the wagons the Ruga Ruga and Mittellanders make a run for the far mine killinga miner as he threw his last stick of dynomite which blew up next to him.  The miner still living move in behind and around the Ruga Ruga killing and capturing the few remaining.  Several of the Ruga Ruga have escaped and are attempting to make it back to Jepson's steamer vowing to return and teach these Jutlander miners a lesson.

Major Von Draken escaped but will eventually return with more Ruga Ruga.  The miners may apply to Princess Viktoria's forces for protection as more of them arrive from Mittelland.  Also on that front, Mittellander regular troops are about to begin landing at Dakla.

Figures are mostly Wargames Foundry and Copplestone with some Westwind and Pontooner/Badger Games miners.  Buildings by Miniature Building Authority and Hovels; mines by Howard Whitehouse, and wagons by Old Glory and 4Ground.  The 4Ground wagons are laser cut wood/fiberboard? are a dream to assemble and while I painted one I think that they look great unpainted.  Finally a few scenery bits and pieces are by Ainsty Castings or Acheson Creations.

Next time the Princess sends out a survey team to map her territory.  The El Shab emir will not be happy.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Visitors on the Dakla, Chapter III, part 1

Jepson's Trading Post, south of Azrou on the Dakla River, the native village daily life continues.

 Meanwhile on the porch of Jepson's Hideaway messages are passed between a young man and a suppossedly South American hunter and his wife.
"You. Boy! Begone and about your business."
"Yes, boss."

Distant drums are heard, instantly alarming the residents and armed men appear with guns pointed toward to pass to the east.
At the new steam ship, tied up at the trading post, work continues loading wood for the steam engine.
"Well, my dear it looks like our suspicions about this post were true, there are too many armed men here."

 A native in red fez runs up to Jepson from the pass. 

"Bwana, Kanga is in the pass bringing ivory and slaves."
"George, have the men stand down and report to the warehouse to pack the ivory for shipping.  Then come right back while I find out who these men are."

"Gentlemen, welcome to Jepson's trading post, if there is anything I can help you with please let me know."
"Sir, I am Major von Drake with orders for you from a friend in Potsdam."
"Major I am Jepson and this is Captain Bloch, he will show you where to camp.  Once things settle down here and there are not so many ears."
"We are at your service until we discuss our orders and begin.  However, we will require transportation and would familiarize ourselves with the horses as soon as we can."

"I know you are Uhlans' but I think you will find that your 'horses' travel on water faster that on land."
"Water horses? Hippopotamus?"
"No, turnaround and view our little steamer, 75 horses power and will travel 14 knots an hour up river.
We will have it fitted out with whatever you need to follow your orders."

"Well, gentlemen, I must see to Kwanga and my ivory and slaves."
"Sir, not many slaves this time the arabs will not be pleased."
"George have Nka wa get his men ready to go and find us some more... saleable items."

Next time orders revealed and a flash back.

Notes: Buildings are from Miniature Building Authority, steamers are by Richard Houston, miniatures are mostly Wargames Foundry, Old Glory (I think), maybe some Blue Moon and others.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

First Hunt

Following the departure of the Jutlander’s, from their base in Dakkla leaving the field open for the Mitteland troops due to arrive in about six weeks, Princess Louise Marie, Sofia, Gertrude, and Helena leave for their first hunt with Percy Quartermain. Quartermain leads the group towards an established camp for the hunt tomorrow.

The lead tracker halts to column to avoid a small herd of elephants.

The following morning a small group lead by the tracker and Quartermain head into the bush to bag game for the troops. Unknown to the group a pride of lions sees them moving through the bush and being hungry they move to hunt the hunters.

Unaware of quickly approaching trouble Quartermain’s group advances and three of the pride attack from the bush. Caught unaware the tracker freezes, the lionesses get closer. Quartermain does not react, Sofia next to Louise fires and misses, Louise freezes, Gertrude behind Sofia steps to the left and fires past Sofia hitting one lioness in the foreleg, she fires again and hit’s the rear leg tumbling the lioness to the ground. Unfortunately, the other lioness leaps and hits the tracker in the chest and bites down on his head and begins to drag him in the brush.

The big male closes with Quartermain’s number two who does react and fires one barrel and misses. His finger squeezes the trigger again and hits the male right in the chest just as he reaches his springing point.
Two more lionesses charge from the brush toward Sofia, she reacts and fires two shots hitting both, but only killing one and grazing the other. The gun bearer fires and misses with both barrels. Gertrude fires again and hits the wounded lioness killing her with a head shot.

Finally reacting Quartermain fires at the lioness dragging his tracker into the brush, killing it. He rushes to the tracker but it’s too late and he dispatches the wounded lioness.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Jutlander's Depart

"Well, Princess there goes the Jutlander's Konig Christian IV with the King's Highlanders."
"Those bagpipes sounds like someone is killing cats"
"Cute dresses they wear."
"I don't want to be around if you say that to there faces."
"They must have received cablegram informing them of the fleet's anchoring in Kafia Bay.  That means the diplomats will be handing the Jutlander's the formal papers of exchange.  The river boats should get to Kaffia about the same time the fleet arrives here, three weeks?"

"Here comes Konig Frederick VII, married a Mecklenburg didn't he?"
"Ja, und that is the 2nd Battalion King's Rangers, along with their wounded from battle near Kasba."
"Where are their cavalry?"
"They left yesterday morning following the Dakkla River up to Effendi, where they will embark on the Dronninge Charlotte coming from Sodiri."

"Princess it is time to leave for the hunt!"
"The pack mules are ready to go and we will pick up the porters at the first village to the north."

Next time, this weekend, the hunt begins.

The riverboat is scratch built from balsa and a Lindburgh riverboat kit.  The highlanders are Scruby (now Historifigs) 30mm British Colonial; the King's Rangers are Space 1889 (Rafm) figs, the princess and her companions are Brigade Game figs; the wounded are from Tradition; and the pack mules are from Tiger Miniatures.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Chapter 2: The Watch Tower, Part One, The New Boat.

Gertrude, C.O. of the Jaegers, speaks with Fedora, logistics at the watch tower: "Fee I am certainly glad Herr Abdhul finished the watch tower, at least we have some protection and can see over the dunes about a mile out.  Once we have the fort started I will really be happy."
"Gert I will be happy right now to have some canvas up so we do not bake in this heat."

Another  felucca has come across from Dakla to the new jetty and unloaded food stuffs and canvas.  However, aboard the felucca a discussion takes place.

Princess Louise Marie and Miriam, the spy master/mistress?, discuss the felucca with its' owner Ibrahim: "We would like to buy this felucca from you Herr Ibrahim."
"She is a new boat and I would need 1,000 ducats"
"900. What about my business?"
"600. You have other feluccas and boats."
"The boat cost me bags of ducats, 800."
"You have bought yourself a boat, effendi."
"Thank you, Herr Ibrahim."
"You need crew to sail the boat."
"No, Herr Ibrahim, we have our own sailors."

"We will take you back to Dakla as soon as they are done moving the boxes to the tower."
Moving off away from Ibrahim, Miriam speaks:
"Well princess this will give us a bit more freedom."
"Yes, and you can now check with our girls in the Hareem without involving anyone else knowing our secret."
"As soon as we can get the extra sail dyed black so we will not be so visible at night I'll go see them."

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Chapter 1, Part Two: First Arrivals

April 1st 1874:
The first Prussian steamship containing the most of the command group, a platoon of Jaegers, and the first load of supplies arrives at Dakla Bay and begins to unload their cargo after establishing watch posts for the Jaegers to ensure the safety of the unit and supplies.

The Command group assembles to watch the unloading of the first felucca, Princess Louise Marie (in green) giving orders and determining the location of the supplies as they are brought up on the beach. 
"Well, Ladies this should ruffle the feathers of the Chancellor and Military High Command when they finally learn we have beat their schedule by a year."
"It was fortuitous to learn their schedule, Princess, from the Chancellor's own secretary."
"Once these men leave us and return to Dakla tomorrow we will then appear in our safari gear until Viktoria and Cecilia steam into port in three months' time.  Hopefully we will be able to have the watch tower finished in thenext week, which will become our headquarters and barracks. At least until the fort is constructed.  I have confirmed with our architect Herr Abdul using our engineers drawings that he will begin construction of the fort as soon as the engineers finish staking out the dimensions which will begin as soon as finish obtaining supplies from Dakla."

"It looks as though the felucca in unloaded and we should be about our tasks here, you are all armed with pistols as instructed?  Good, then let us be about it."

On a nearby sandstone mount Herr Abdul is directing the excavation of the watch tower base.  While in the background several cattle boys drive the beginnings of the herd to pasture.

Next up will see the completion of the watch tower, kraal for the cattle, the beginnings of a native settlement to tend the cattle, surveying for the fort and more.  Scouting the area for possible dangers and hunting for the dinner pot will soon be undertaken by the Jaegers.

Remarks: A map of the area mentioned here, Dakla, can be found here:  http://generalpettygree.blogspot.com/2011/07/chapter-vi-spy.html
Soon I will be filling in a map with more details and will publish it here.
Louise Marie is the youngest of three sisters with Viktoria being the eldest by four years, but they refuse to tell me how old they actually are.