Sunday, July 22, 2012

Visitors on the Dakla, part 2

Well von Draken your orders are simple, you will take two companies of Ruga Ruga and some of my best men to Nyebye, the Jutlanders new town.  Give them a chance to retire but get that mine so we can pursue our orders with as many natives as we need to get rid of the Jutlander settlers and eventually the Militar-madchen down river.  You will use my steam to help transport the men down river rather than march overland as they will hear the native drums before you ever get near.
After landing and camping overnight the Mittellanders and Ruga Ruga move towards their destination.  A Nyebye scout breathlessly runs into town.
Bwana! Bwana! Ruga Ruga coming!  Many Ruga Ruga.

 Beat the drums, everyone must know and prepare.
Quick get the women and children to the Askari village and into the forest!

Askari families and cattle are driven off into the jungle.

The first group of Jepson's Ruga Ruga arrive on the outskirts of Nyebye.

Von Drake advances into town under a flag of truce telling the Miners to leave now and they will be left alone. Stay and there will be no holding the Ruga Ruga back from their depredations.

We will stay and fight and never leave the mines to you and your ruffins.

The first Ruga Ruga company attacks led by Jepson's European mercenaries.

A small flanking movement moves forward on their right. While the second company moves forward led by the Mittellanders.

The first Ruga Ruga company has stalled in the advance and the second company moves forward adding to their morale and they all move forward.  Above a mercenary kills the local mullah and moments later falls to his death attempting to jump to the next roof.
 Meanwhile the attack on ruins by the flanking movement after cleaning the ruins has stalled and been pushed back with many casualties.  Several Askari are killed but with the help of a couple of miners drive off the Ruga.

 The advance up the main street continues until finally within throwing range of the dynamite sticks the miners had reeking havoc with the Ruga and stalling the attack.  Miners have taken casualties as well as at least a dozen of the Ruga and mercenaries.  The Ruga regain their morale and charge the blockading wagons killing most of the defenders and forcing them back

Moving past the wagons the Ruga Ruga and Mittellanders make a run for the far mine killinga miner as he threw his last stick of dynomite which blew up next to him.  The miner still living move in behind and around the Ruga Ruga killing and capturing the few remaining.  Several of the Ruga Ruga have escaped and are attempting to make it back to Jepson's steamer vowing to return and teach these Jutlander miners a lesson.

Major Von Draken escaped but will eventually return with more Ruga Ruga.  The miners may apply to Princess Viktoria's forces for protection as more of them arrive from Mittelland.  Also on that front, Mittellander regular troops are about to begin landing at Dakla.

Figures are mostly Wargames Foundry and Copplestone with some Westwind and Pontooner/Badger Games miners.  Buildings by Miniature Building Authority and Hovels; mines by Howard Whitehouse, and wagons by Old Glory and 4Ground.  The 4Ground wagons are laser cut wood/fiberboard? are a dream to assemble and while I painted one I think that they look great unpainted.  Finally a few scenery bits and pieces are by Ainsty Castings or Acheson Creations.

Next time the Princess sends out a survey team to map her territory.  The El Shab emir will not be happy.