Thursday, April 19, 2012

Jutlander's Depart

"Well, Princess there goes the Jutlander's Konig Christian IV with the King's Highlanders."
"Those bagpipes sounds like someone is killing cats"
"Cute dresses they wear."
"I don't want to be around if you say that to there faces."
"They must have received cablegram informing them of the fleet's anchoring in Kafia Bay.  That means the diplomats will be handing the Jutlander's the formal papers of exchange.  The river boats should get to Kaffia about the same time the fleet arrives here, three weeks?"

"Here comes Konig Frederick VII, married a Mecklenburg didn't he?"
"Ja, und that is the 2nd Battalion King's Rangers, along with their wounded from battle near Kasba."
"Where are their cavalry?"
"They left yesterday morning following the Dakkla River up to Effendi, where they will embark on the Dronninge Charlotte coming from Sodiri."

"Princess it is time to leave for the hunt!"
"The pack mules are ready to go and we will pick up the porters at the first village to the north."

Next time, this weekend, the hunt begins.

The riverboat is scratch built from balsa and a Lindburgh riverboat kit.  The highlanders are Scruby (now Historifigs) 30mm British Colonial; the King's Rangers are Space 1889 (Rafm) figs, the princess and her companions are Brigade Game figs; the wounded are from Tradition; and the pack mules are from Tiger Miniatures.


  1. A good looking steamer and figures.

  2. Thank you AJ, if you are interested in building your own river boat I have plans and description that I wrote up for "The Heliograph" about 15 years ago.