Sunday, April 22, 2012

First Hunt

Following the departure of the Jutlander’s, from their base in Dakkla leaving the field open for the Mitteland troops due to arrive in about six weeks, Princess Louise Marie, Sofia, Gertrude, and Helena leave for their first hunt with Percy Quartermain. Quartermain leads the group towards an established camp for the hunt tomorrow.

The lead tracker halts to column to avoid a small herd of elephants.

The following morning a small group lead by the tracker and Quartermain head into the bush to bag game for the troops. Unknown to the group a pride of lions sees them moving through the bush and being hungry they move to hunt the hunters.

Unaware of quickly approaching trouble Quartermain’s group advances and three of the pride attack from the bush. Caught unaware the tracker freezes, the lionesses get closer. Quartermain does not react, Sofia next to Louise fires and misses, Louise freezes, Gertrude behind Sofia steps to the left and fires past Sofia hitting one lioness in the foreleg, she fires again and hit’s the rear leg tumbling the lioness to the ground. Unfortunately, the other lioness leaps and hits the tracker in the chest and bites down on his head and begins to drag him in the brush.

The big male closes with Quartermain’s number two who does react and fires one barrel and misses. His finger squeezes the trigger again and hits the male right in the chest just as he reaches his springing point.
Two more lionesses charge from the brush toward Sofia, she reacts and fires two shots hitting both, but only killing one and grazing the other. The gun bearer fires and misses with both barrels. Gertrude fires again and hits the wounded lioness killing her with a head shot.

Finally reacting Quartermain fires at the lioness dragging his tracker into the brush, killing it. He rushes to the tracker but it’s too late and he dispatches the wounded lioness.

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