Saturday, January 14, 2012

Chapter 2: The Watch Tower, Part One, The New Boat.

Gertrude, C.O. of the Jaegers, speaks with Fedora, logistics at the watch tower: "Fee I am certainly glad Herr Abdhul finished the watch tower, at least we have some protection and can see over the dunes about a mile out.  Once we have the fort started I will really be happy."
"Gert I will be happy right now to have some canvas up so we do not bake in this heat."

Another  felucca has come across from Dakla to the new jetty and unloaded food stuffs and canvas.  However, aboard the felucca a discussion takes place.

Princess Louise Marie and Miriam, the spy master/mistress?, discuss the felucca with its' owner Ibrahim: "We would like to buy this felucca from you Herr Ibrahim."
"She is a new boat and I would need 1,000 ducats"
"900. What about my business?"
"600. You have other feluccas and boats."
"The boat cost me bags of ducats, 800."
"You have bought yourself a boat, effendi."
"Thank you, Herr Ibrahim."
"You need crew to sail the boat."
"No, Herr Ibrahim, we have our own sailors."

"We will take you back to Dakla as soon as they are done moving the boxes to the tower."
Moving off away from Ibrahim, Miriam speaks:
"Well princess this will give us a bit more freedom."
"Yes, and you can now check with our girls in the Hareem without involving anyone else knowing our secret."
"As soon as we can get the extra sail dyed black so we will not be so visible at night I'll go see them."

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