Saturday, May 18, 2013

25 miles west of Senegal - May, 1876

After the arrival of several new regiments to Senegal (located across the bay from Dakla).  The Princess' decide that they need intelligence of the country further away from Senegal than now available.  Toward that end the Princess' send Louise Marie with a strong force of cavalry, infantry and surveyors to map a roadway to El Shab somewhere over 100 miles into the interior.  The column consists of an advance section of either infantry or cavalry, a cavalry regiment of hussar rifles, infantry, supply wagons, a lancer regiment, and finally an infantry rearguard.  Vedettes are posted on the flanks to worn on danger.

At sunset of the third day out a jaeger section scouts ahead, nothing seems amiss. 

At dawn a Hussar troop on a nearby ridge spots a dust cloud in the far distance.  A galloper is sent back to report and Princess Louise Marie halts the column.

The Princess sends a galloper to the Lancers' commander to move to the head of the column.

The 1st Lancers move forward and begin the evolution into two lines.

As the lancers move forward at the trot Princess Louise Marie orders the column forward to higher ground a a more defensible position to await the lancers' report.

1. The Zouave dressed Jaegers are from Brigade Games.
2.  The Lancers and rifle armed Hussars are Hinterland.
3. The wagons are a mix of 4Ground and Old Glory.
4. Soon the the column will discover what made the dust cloud.

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